Talk Health

TalkHealth is a donor appreciation event that allows the Calgary Health Trust the opportunity to thank its valued donors for their generosity over the past year. This speaker series is generally offered in the Spring and Fall, and gives donors the opportunity to enjoy informative presentations by doctors and health care professionals from different areas of health care.

Recent Presentations:

May 2016: Invisible Wounds - a discussion on PTSD

Marney Riendeau, RN and Manager of Carewest OSI Clinic and Stacey Ferland, Clinical Team Coordinator discuss PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of a life-threatening events such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents and the treatments currently available.

September 2013: The Terrible Burden of Headache in Calgary

Dr. Jeptha Davenport, the Medical Direct of the Calgary Headache Assesment and Management Program (CHAMP), discusses how headaches are ubiquitous, prevalent and disabling, while being under-recognized and under-treated as well as the unique challenges that individuals with chronic headaches face in Calgary.

May 2013: Dignity on the Journey of Dementia

Cheryl Henry RN, BPE, MA, GNC(C), a passionate advocate for seniors wellness and quality of life , speaks to the differences between dementia and Alzheimers Disease and the challenges of navigating a new reality following a diagnosis of dementia.

October 2012: Advances in Surgery - The Evolution of Surgical Techniques and Operating Rooms

Dr. Jason Werle, currently the Head of the Division of Arthoplasty, Section of Orthopaedic Surgery discussed the history of surgery, from bloodletting and boring holes in people's skulls in historic times to what is on the horizon for Calgary's new high-tech Hybrid Operating Rooms.

May 2012: Asthma and COPD: When you can't breathe-nothing else matters 

Dr. Richard Leigh, a physician scientist who is the Medical Director of the Calgary COPD and Asthma Program, discussed asthma and COPD-their causes, treatments and research that is being conducted right here in Calgary. 

View Dr. Leigh's presentation (this may take a minute to download)

Visit the Living Well Program website.

October 2011: How to eat healthy with Type 2 Diabetes

Bev Madrick, an Education Consultant with the Endocrine and Metabolism program at the Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, gave a wonderful lecture on October 12 about how all foods-even chocolate-can fit within the confines of a diabetic diet.

Listen to Bev's lecture online or view a PDF of the slide presentation (PDF may take a minute to download).

April 2011: Engineering in Joints

At the TalkHealth presentation held on April 26, 2011, Dr. Nigel Shrive, Executive Director of the McCaig Institute of Bone and Joint Health, gave a presentation on the engineering of joints and what can go wrong.

View Dr. Shrive's presentation (this may take a minute to download)

Frequently Asked Questions About TalkHealth

Q: How do I attend/get invited to TalkHealth?
A: TalkHealth invitations are mailed to our valued donors. If you have recently made a donation to the Calgary Health Trust and have never received an invitation to TalkHealth, please call 403-943-0615.

Q: How can I become a Calgary Health Trust donor?
A: You can donate to your preferred area of health care by calling 403-943-0615 or by visiting the Donate tab.

Q: Why is TalkHealth held at the Foothills Medical Centre's Auditorium?
A: The Foothills Medical Centre's Auditorium is the only free, available space within the community that is large enough to hold the number of people who attend our sessions.

Q: Why is TalkHealth scheduled at 5pm?
A: We realize that it can be difficult to reach the Foothills Medical Centre's Auditorium by 5pm, however past participant surveys have shown that 85% of our donors prefer this time to any other.

Q: How do you choose the presentations featured at TalkHealth?
A: We are always looking for new topics for TalkHealth. We consider topics suggested by previous audiences and new developments in health care that may be of interest to our valued donors.