Heart Project

Thank you for your Support!

Heart Project - Margot and Dr Appoo

From Left to Right: David and Margot
Kitchen and Dr. Jehangir Appoo.

With your help we have revolutionized the standard of care for cardiovascular patients in Southern Alberta.

Through the support of the community, as well as the proceeds from the Foothills Hospital Home Lottery, Calgary was able to open the doors to its first state-of-the-art Cardiac Hybrid Operating Room (O.R.).  This $5.1 million project provides medical professionals with the latest technologies and will positively impact the lives of many patients and their families. 

The creation of the Cardiac Hybrid O.R. ensures that we are meeting the growing needs of Calgarians and that we have the most advanced technology for our clinicians so that they can offer the best cardiac care possible.  Directly or indirectly everyone in Calgary will benefit from the new Cardiac Hybrid Operating Suite.  Whether it’s a spouse, mother, father, grandparent or someone else close to you, the goal is to have the best possible care and technology ready when they need it.  Your gift has helped to make this goal a reality for cardiac patients in Calgary – a gift that is truly exponential in its impact.

“We are very grateful for the support of Calgary Health Trust and donors, as it ensures we are able to provide the highest standard of care to our patients, as well as being well positioned to adopt future interventional technologies,” Catherine Kelly, Unit Manager O.R.

In the past, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in Calgary used catheterization laboratories and operating rooms, compromising the quality of imaging or sacrificing space available during procedures.  The Cardiac Hybrid O.R. has changed this for the better adding high quality imaging equipment with enough space for complicated procedures requiring large, multi-disciplinary teams comprised of up to 18 clinicians at a time.  As said by Dr. Jehangir Appoo, a Cardiovascular Surgeon here in Calgary “a Cardiac Hybrid O.R. is changing the way cardiovascular medicine is practiced allowing for less invasive and safer procedures combined with faster recovery times.”  This means that patients can get back to their lives a lot sooner, and often with a better quality of life – and it’s all because of your generous support.

Cardiac Hybrid Operating Room
The completed Cardiac Hybrid Operating Room at Foothills Medical Centre.

Your support has increased:

  • The diagnostic machines available for use in one location
  • The size of the room in which procedures are performed (double the size of a regular operating room)
  • The number of medical staff able to work in the room at one time (up to 18 clinicians)
  • The number of procedures able to be performed in one space

Your support could help decrease:

  • Waiting time for patients needing surgery
  • Invasive procedures
  • The number of procedures required for each patient
  • The risks for patients receiving surgeries
  • The recovery time for patients

The Cardiac Hybrid O.R. will go a long way in advancing cardiac care, but we are not done.  Innovation is the constant in cardiac science with the development of potentially outstanding technology to expand the scope or decrease the invasiveness of cardiac procedures.  To find out how you can continue to help keep Calgary in a position where it can revolutionize the standard of cardiac care please call 403-943-0615. 

To help us build a brighter future for cardiac patients and their families, make a donation to cardiac care today