Calgary Health Trust

Vascular Centre of Excellence Opens

New facility offers comprehensive care for patients with circulatory system disorders

Patients with vascular conditions now have access to more comprehensive treatment than ever before with today’s opening of the first phase of the redeveloped Vascular Centre of Excellence at Peter Lougheed Centre.

The Vascular Centre of Excellence includes a larger inpatient area, increased outpatient services and two new hybrid operating suites, equipped with advanced medical imaging devices, that support surgeries for complex cases, as well as minimally invasive procedures that enable patients to go home sooner and recover more quickly.

The redevelopment project is opening in phases and is expected to be completed next year. 

Once finished, the Vascular Centre of Excellence will have capacity to:

  • Increase the number of annual vascular surgeries at the Alberta Health Services (AHS) hospital from 900 to 1,300; a 44 per cent improvement.
  • More than double the number of annual outpatient visits from 7,200 to 15,000.
  • Add eight additional inpatient beds for a total of 40.

As part of the Phase 1 opening, both hybrid operating suites, the new inpatient unit and the new vascular surgery special care unit will be available for use later this month.

The 2,500-sq.-metre, $32.6-million project – funded by the Calgary Health Trust and the Government of Alberta – is designed to treat patients in a more inclusive and comprehensive way.  Patients will be encouraged to reduce their risk factors for vascular disease through healthy lifestyle changes, and life-long assessment programs will follow patients long-term to optimize their vascular health.

“We are proud of investments like this that strengthen health care in Alberta,” says Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health. “The holistic approach to care is on the forefront of the future of medicine. It is an impressive example of what is possible through the partnership between the government and those in the community through Calgary Health Trust, in improving care for those who need it most.”

Vascular disease includes any condition that affects the circulatory system. The Vascular Centre of Excellence will treat a variety of conditions, including circulatory disorders such as aortic aneurysms (enlarged section of the wall of the aorta), arterial occlusive disease (slow narrowing of the arteries) and carotid artery disease (narrowing of the arteries).

“The new Vascular Centre of Excellence is designed to facilitate efficient care by bringing together caregivers in one location who can offer everything from vascular disease prevention to the most extensive types of vascular surgeries using the newest, least invasive techniques,” says Dr. Paul Petrasek, Section Head for Vascular Surgery with AHS.

The centre was constructed in the new east tower on the fifth floor with brand new hybrid operating rooms added on the second floor. These state-of-the-art ORs come equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging devices which enable surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures that lower the risk of complications, shorten hospital stays and reduce recovery times.

“The Vascular Surgery redevelopment is a perfect example of how health care philanthropy brings world-class care to individuals and their families in Calgary and southern Alberta,” says Calgary Health Trust Board Chair Ann McCaig.

“Working with our donors, the Calgary Health Trust strives to ensure Calgary is home to the best health care for all those who need it. We are incredibly pleased to be part of this forward-thinking, collaborative approach to patient care.” 

Funding for the project includes $2.5 million from Calgary Health Trust’s Hospital Home Lottery program, Funny Bone Comedy Night and donations from the generosity of the community.


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