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Spring into action: Helps us Create Hybrid ORs in Calgary

Many cardiac and vascular patients undergo complex, highly invasive surgeries with long recovery times. Often multiple surgeries are needed to treat a single condition. However, with new technology, many of these patients can be treated in a single surgery, which is simpler and less invasive - they experience less pain, less stress and faster recovery. For the health care system, this frees up operating rooms (ORs) and shortens waiting times.   

By bringing state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment, such as x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound machines and MRIs in one room - called a hybrid OR - doctors have the advantage of real-time imaging, allowing them to perform less invasive procedures.

We are seeking your support to raise the necessary funds to equip new cardiac and vascular Hybrid Operating Rooms at Foothills Medical and Peter Lougheed Centres.  While our overall our goal is to raise $7 million, your gift will have a significant impact on helping us achieve this milestone and will impact the lives of thousands of cardiac and vascular patients in the future. 

Khattab Elnakah would have benefitted from treatment in a vascular Hybrid OR, saving him from having two complex surgeries. Khattab was diagnosed with a thoracoabdominal aneurysm, which is a dangerous weakening of the aorta. Khattab's aneurysm had enlarged to the point where he was at very high risk of an aortic rupture, potentially causing death. Over the past year, he has undergone two separate surgeries to repair the aneurysm. Having a hybrid OR would have allowed the entire repair to be done at one time in a less invasive way.

Cardiac patients will also benefit from a Hybrid OR at the Foothills Medical Centre. An estimated one in two people in southern Alberta will require some form of cardiac diagnosis or care in their lifetime and many of these will be treated at the Foothills Medical Centre. The addition of a cardiac Hybrid OR will improve wait times, increase patient safety and reduce recovery times for cardiac procedures.

Please help give patients like Khattab the best outcome in the future.