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Snowflake - Jo's Story

Give today and help grieving Calgary Families

Many Calgary families, like Jo De Palma’s go through loss during the holiday season. It’s heartbreaking but we can do something about it. Please give today to help these families. And when you donate include a message of hope and comfort for them.

Jo’s son Paul died suddenly just over two years ago from an undiagnosed heart arrhythmia.

 Jo and her son Paul on their last Christmas together.

When Jo received the devastating news her life stopped right then and there. She never expected to outlive any of her children.

Jo was in shock and had difficultly feeling anything.

While at a medical appointment she broke down and was brought to the Grief Support Program.

Jo started individual counselling and then joined a group session for people who have lost a child.

The Grief Support Program allowed Jo to start processing her grief.

It has been two years since Paul passed away and Jo still misses him every day. But, she is now able to smile and to laugh despite her sadness. 

Each year hundreds of people like Jo depend on Calgary Health Trust’s support of the Grief Support Program to access individual and group counselling.

Please give today to help people going through loss during the holiday season.