Calgary Health Foundation

Change that Makes Cents

With the last Canadian penny stamped in May, the drive is on for local non-profits to cash in on the 'cents-less' currency.

Calgary Health Trust is joining in, encouraging everyone who visits area hospitals and Carewest sites to donate as many pennies as possible before the end of the year.

"Our goal is to raise one million pennies, or $10,000," said Sally Flintoft, CEO Calgary Health Trust, "It is the easiest way to give to health care in Calgary. Everyone has a jar, or pocket that has a few pennies in it."

Starting June 15, units at Rockyview General Hospital, Peter Lougheed Centre and Foothills Medical Centre will be collecting pennies in jars in the units. Pennies can also be donated at any of the Calgary Health Trust site offices during regular business hours or in the incubators at each of the hospitals. Funds raised from the campaign will be designated to staff education at each site.

The Federal government estimates there are $30 billion pennies in circulation and, though the last one has been pressed, the Royal Canadian Mint will be distributing them until around the beginning of October.

"It may seem like small change," says Sally, "But it will make a big difference to the staff, and ultimately the patients at each of the hospitals."