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3D vision robotic surgeon comes to Calgary

Donors help bring first 3D vision robotic surgeon in Canada to Calgary

In 2008, Rockyview General Hospital became the first hospital in Canada to own and operate the da Vinci Robot SI HD. The technology was a significant advancement for patients undergoing prostate cancer and other surgeries, such as hysterectomy or mitral valve repair. The $3.3 million state-of-the-art equipment was made possible through funds raised from the 2006-2008 Rockyview Invitational Classic Golf Tournament, hosted annually by local philanthropist Jim Kinnear in support of Calgary Health Trust.

With the aid of technology like the da Vinci Robot, difficult procedures become less complicated. Prostate cancer surgery, as an example, is very complicated to do laparoscopically, but with the aid of the da Vinci Robot, it becomes much easier and far more precise. It allows the surgery to be minimally invasive, increases the success rate of difficult procedures, reduces complications and also results in a faster recovery time for patients.

Since it was installed at Rockyview General Hospital, the da Vinci Robot has been used to perform the following laparoscopic procedures:

  • partial nephrectomy;
  • radical prostatectomy;
  • pyleoplasty; and
  • radical Cystectomy Ileoconduit

Modelled after the human wrist, the da Vinci Robot Si HD is the world's only robotic surgical system with 3D HD vision. Fingertip controls allow for precise control of the instruments. The equipment also features EndoWrist® instrumentation, which provides dexterity and range of motion far greater than the human hand. Intuitive® motion technology replicates the experience of open surgery by preserving natural hand-eye-instrument alignment and instrument control. Together, these two unique technologies provide surgeons who use the da Vinci Robot with extreme precision, dexterity and control while being minimally invasive.

In 2011, the da Vinci Robot was used in 195 cases.