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A new vision for GI care at Rockyview Hospital

You can make a difference to the 11,000+ people who will rely on GI care at Rockyview General Hospital this year!

Patients age 15 – 105, from various demographics and with a variety of diseases will all rely on the care of Rockyview General Hospital’s Gastrointestinal (G.I.) Endoscopy Unit. The clinic serves patients from across Southern Alberta and demand for the clinic’s services is expected to increase by more than 40%.  

An $11.6 million redevelopment project will create a new centre for GI care that will manage some of the most complex cases through to simple check-ups.

A clinician’s perspective

When I decided to practice gastroenterology, one of the big attractions for me was that I would get to deal with patients of all ages, genders and with a wide variety of diseases. Most people will need our services at some point, if not for anything else, for screening and preventative measures.

The future space for the GI Unit has so much potential. It will be unique and state-of-art and will enhance our patient care by giving us more space to do additional endoscopy procedures, and also focus more on patients and families, helping them to independently manage their disease and enhance their quality of life.  

Dr. Munna (Mani) Kareemi, Site Chief for Gastroenterology, Rockyview General Hospital

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