you can help Calgary newborns


Every month 100 Calgary newborns will need to be admitted to a Level 3 NICU in order to survive...

Out of approximately 5,000 babies admitted into a NICU at one of the four Calgary hospitals, about 1,200 will need to be rushed to the Foothills Hospital. Foothills is the only in-born level-3 NICU serving the needs of Calgarians and Southern Albertans. It is the hospital where the sickest and highest-risk newborns are born. It is also the busiest NICU in Canada!

This is partly because Calgary has one of the highest rates of Newborns who need to be admitted to the NICU in Canada. The rate of newborns admitted to the NICU in Calgary is 1 in 8 newborns vs. 1 in 10 nationwide. This means that babies born in Calgary have a greater risk of being born with complex needs and needing life-saving medical intervention.

It also means that most of Calgary’s newborns face life-long physical or mental disabilities, chronic illness or worse… they face a greater risk of dying. You have the opportunity to help us change this - please click the button below to make your gift today.


1,200 Newborn babies and only 39 Beds… we need to change this

All of Calgary’s hospitals are equipped with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. However, Foothills is the only high-risk perinatal centre serving southern Alberta.  It is also the busiest NICU in Canada, often exceeding 100% capacity. With your help we can change this.

On May 30th, 2018 we are going to launch a campaign to raise over $60 Million to transform Calgary’s capacity to care for its Newborns.

A newly vacated floor located directly above the existing NICU at Foothills means that we can quickly, with a moderate investment, significantly increase the capacity at Foothills and turn the new, two-floor unit into a centre of excellence in care, teaching and research. 

This project will expand our capacity and increase the number of beds from 39 to 60!

To seize this opportunity, we will need to raise over $50 Million dollars over the next 3 years. We will also need an additional $10 Million to increase the capacity of the three other Calgary hospitals.  Furthermore, I am keenly aware that we need more research to better understand why this is happening more in Calgary than in other places.

More details will be made available in the coming months, but until then we need your support. To launch our campaign successfully we need to raise $200,000 by May 30. Please give today.


Help us change the story for more children like Wyatt


Wyatt was born too early at only 25 weeks of pregnancy.As soon as he was delivered medical staff at Foothills put a breathing tube in and rushed him to the NICU.

He was so fragile that two weeks passed before his mom Joy could even hold him. At birth, Wyatt had a 50% chance of survival. Over the next  5.5 months in the Foothills NICU he had numerous surgeries and moments where his life was in danger.

Thanks to the great care he received, Wyatt is now 11 years old and in perfect health. Please make a donation today to help other babies like Wyatt.