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Life can change in a moment.

Abel was born too early, at just 33 weeks, after a difficult and high-risk pregnancy. We named him Abel which means “breath” since we had been through so much bringing him into the world. At two months old he was still tiny, less than seven pounds, but I thought our troubles were behind us. This wasn’t the case.

Abel was resting in his bouncy chair when I heard a gagging sound from him. He was having a seizure and then went limp. We rushed him to the Emergency Room at South Health Campus, only five minutes from our house.

My little baby had a collapsed lung but the medical staff knew what to do to save him. They quickly intubated and stabilized him all the while explaining to me what they were doing and reassuring me.

Our family is so lucky that the Emergency Room at South Health Campus has pediatric doctors on staff as well as specialized equipment to treat small babies. They saved his life that day and I am forever grateful.

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