Your support of the Foothills Hospital Home Lottery and the Hospital Home Lottery helps Calgary Health Trust support the excellence that is happening in health care, right in your own backyard.

Calgary Health Trust lotteries offer thousands of great prizes for those looking to win big. Since their inception, the Hospital Home Lottery and Foothills Hospital Home Lottery have raised more than $90 million for health care in Calgary. Whatever your reason for buying a ticket, we thank you for supporting our lotteries. Best of luck!

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We’re excited to announce the Foothills Hospital Home Lottery is back. Currently we have an outbound calling programs underway until Friday, March 17 and April 3-13, 2017.

Given recent fraud activities happening in the province of Alberta, we want to ensure all of our supporters are confident in their support of the Foothills Hospital Home Lottery. If at any time you are uncomfortable with a call you receive, we encourage you to hang up and call 1.888.541.5540 or go to the website at

Thank you for your support and good luck!

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