The University Eye Foundation’s $300,000 Donation Brings New Vision Care Technology to Calgary

Kristin McVeigh | May 09, 2017

A very generous $300,000 donation from the University Eye Foundation has purchased two state-of-the-art pieces of equipment to advance care at the Rockyview General Hospital’s Eye Clinic and Ocular Surgery.

“Community support to the Eye Foundation helps bring technology and innovation to the Calgary Ophthalmology Program and ultimately improve patient care,” says Dr. Amin Kherani, President of University Eye Foundation.

The Eye Clinic, which sees over 33,000 patients each year, will benefit from a new Zeiss IOL Master, a leading-edge piece of equipment in ophthalmology. The clinic is a centre of excellence in ophthalmology and runs 365 days per year in order to accommodate urgent eye care needs for general ophthalmology and retina. They also offer a variety of diagnostic tests as well as 14 subspecialty clinics such as glaucoma, cornea, ocular oncology, neuro ophthalmology and the Sight Enhancement Clinic of Southern Alberta.

The addition of the IOL Master is used to determine which lens implant to use during cataract surgery. It provides highly accurate results and drastically decreases the time required from half hour to mere minutes for testing to be complete. The IOL Master also makes for a more pleasant and comfortable patient experience as the machine does not come in contact with the eye. On average, more than 700 patients will benefit from the availability of this technology each year.

The second piece of equipment, a $218,000 Leica Surgical Microscope, will provide surgeons with the best image quality and enhance their ability to operate with the highest precision in the operating room. This technology will benefit more than 2,000 ophthalmic surgical patients from across Calgary and Southern Alberta requiring intraocular surgery, primarily retina, cataract and trauma related.

Dr. Chris Eagle, President and CEO of Calgary Health Trust sees the impact the community’s generosity makes on care, especially in highly specialized areas like the Eye Clinic. “Technology in ophthalmology advances very quickly,” he says. “Donations, like this one from the University Eye Foundation, are critical in ensuring our hospitals have access to the very best equipment to provide innovative care to Calgarians.”

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