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Donor support means better COVID-19 recovery from home

Kristin McVeigh | July 13, 2020


Testing positive for COVID-19 can be scary, and needing treatment for the virus in a hospital can be isolating, especially if you have complex health conditions.

If we’re able, recovery from home sounds like a much better option. It’s familiar and comfortable. But how do we know if we’re getting better or worse? Are we noticing the right things? Our breathing might change, but do we need to go to the hospital? 

Thanks to donors to our Clean Hands, Giving Hearts COVID-19 campaign, individuals who find themselves in this situation will now receive a simple way to confidently recover at home. At Peter Lougheed Centre, these small but impactful O2 Monitor devices are helping people who are COVID-19 positive, but don’t require admission to a hospital, to monitor and assess their breathing on their own.

Dr. Elizabeth MacKay, Facility Medical Director at Peter Lougheed Centre, is grateful for this specialized care she is able to provide thanks to the devices, “It's a great feeling knowing that we can offer patients the tools and knowledge necessary to help lessen the stress that comes with COVID-19."

Often patients who have COVID-19 do not have extreme conditions that require admission to a hospital. That being said, their condition can change on a dime, sometimes without the patient even knowing. This is where the O2 monitors come in. Patients now have the knowledge to be aware of when to seek out medical care. This equipment is also helping to decrease the length of stay for patients that do need to be admitted by allowing them to go home when their symptoms improve, while keeping a watchful eye on their condition. In addition, it is helping to ensure that patients don’t wait too long to seek out medical care.

The O2 Monitors are user friendly and provide important information on the individual’s oxygen saturation as well as their heart rate. Put on a finger, the heart and oxygen readings will light up in red, and if the number displayed is below 90, the user then knows that they must seek out medical care. All patients who receive an O2 Monitor are also given a teaching package on how to use the equipment and what to do if their results are below 90.

Thanks to the generosity of the community, including Medaca Health Group, these devices provide confidence and comfort and let those who are dealing with COVID-19 know that the community is behind them.

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