Give a gift in Memory / Honour / Celebration

Tribute Giving allow you to share your story, or the story of a loved one while fundraising for the facility, unit or program of your choice. It is a wonderful way of remembering a loved one, celebrate an occasion or to fundraise for a unit of a hospital as a way to thank them for the care you, or a loved one received. Personalized fundraising pages should be created only if you wish to raise funds in memory or in honour of a loved one, or if you are personally fundraising for a facility, unit or program. If you wish to create a fundraising page for a specific event, please go to the Events tab and find the event you are fundraising for and create a fundraising page via the link on the page. For more information on this program call 403-943-0615. Personal Fundraising pages will remain active for 13 months. If you wish the page to stay active please contact us.