Calgary Health Trust

Site Councils

The engagement of volunteers in the fundraising process is critical to the success of Calgary Health Trust. Hospital based Site Development Councils are volunteer community representatives who provide strategic support to connect our donors and grateful patients with site or program specific initiatives. Site Development Councils provide support for annual fundraising and development programs at each of the acute care hospitals - Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre and Rockyview General Hospital and South Health Campus.

Foothills Medical Centre

Mr. Kirk Bailey, Chair
Mr. Robert Peabody, Vice Chair
Mr. Vic Bryant
Mr. Bruce Churchill-Smith, QC
Ms. Laurie Edwards
Ms. Joni Hughes
Dr. Peter Jamieson
Ms. Dana Silver
Mr. Michael Suddes
Ms. Shawna Syverson

Peter Lougheed Centre

Mr. Bruce Edgelow, Chair
Ms. Kim Berjian
Ms. Karen Foudy
Mr. Jim Jenkinson
Dr. Elizabeth MacKay
Mr. Sherali Saju
Dr. Ian Scott
Mr. Jasraj Singh Hallan
Ms. Janice Stewart
Dr. Mark Zivot


Rockyview General Hospital

Mr. David Routledge, Acting Chair
Mr. Peter Blanchard
Ms. Nancy Calvin
Ms. Anastasia Columbos
Dr. Kelly deSouza
Ms. Debbie Goulard
Ms. Laurie Harding
Mr. D. Rick James
Mr. Feisal Keshavjee

Mr. James S. Kinnear
Mr. Stuart Libin 
Ms. Georgine Ulmer

South Health Campus

Ms. Sarah C. Kennedy, Chair
Ms. Sharon McCormick, Vice Chair
Ms. Lori Anderson
Ms. Shannon Darragh
Dr. Colin Del Castilho
Ms. Jillian Dickson
Ms. Shelley Koch
Ms. Jessica Schneider
Mr. Marc Staniloff
Ms. Alexandra Zabel